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Sunday, January 31, 2010



Social network addicts! want to share your favorite texts, videos and images with online friends in a quick and easy way? This may be the one you need.

Justpaste.it, is a site which enables net surfers to hastily share text, videos and images.You need not learn HTML to create your own simple webpage. You just have to copy and paste text from your desired site, MS word or any word processor, click the editor menu controls to format the font and color, enter the url slug of your own choice to the sidebar and click the publish button. Finally, you will be presented with a direct url, the bb code for forums and html code. You have an option to paste or attach any photos or videos before publishing it. You can also download the finished file as pdf.

You can begin trying it HERE



Pidgin, previously called GAIM is an instant messenger which works on multiple platforms and supports a lot of protocols. With this, you'll be able to connect simultaneously with friends on MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM and other chat networks. The application runs on Unix/Linux, Mac, BSD, AmigaOS and Windows.


One of the numerous pidgin plug-ins is for facebook chat. Check it out HERE.


Sunday, January 17, 2010



All right..This is gonna be my first blog..I'm gonna feature my friend.,a so close friend of mine..One of the best.Unlike me, having a weak personality, she is strong, a young lady who doesn't stop fighting for her own will. Being a real and trustworhty friend, she never allows her friends to be maltreated.

Here's a song I wrote for her during one of my leisure times..Unfortunately, it still doesn't have any tune.Currently, I'm in search for someone who will put some music to it. I like to sing it someday.


"Two lonely girls
Staring through the dusk
How can both of them know everything surely fades

Not a single moment
Did they care and notice
Their paths are connected
Through rainbows and shadows

Ref :
They collided
Where they mingled in tears
But oftentimes
They shimmer with joy
It was too amazing
Their intimacy grew
Of their Different worlds,
Varied perceptions

They were brought together
By colors and amor
As their weird thoughts
Fill their minds

Those little girls
They grew up together
Never imagine
How they will part

Rep. ref.

Changes were sudden
As the other chose
To take another path
But it was not goodbye
since they'll always hold on
To what they've been through


The song was inspired by Spice Girls' "Goodbye My Friend," which they dedicated to Geri Haliwell, known as Ginger Spice. As the lyrics goes, "The times when we would play about
The way we used to scream and shout.We never dreamt you'd go your own sweet way."

Writing is not one of my best craft.But there, I've written a piece.Actually, it was just one of those that I've already created. It may not be an award winner but the feeling as portrayed by my lyrics is sincere.

When she left, I've lost a very crucial part of me, a special feeling totally different from what I felt for any guy i like. Well, of course, I value her a lot. During the old times, we were together almost everyday sharing our happy and gloomy feelings with each other. But everything was gone in a moment when she decided to take a different way and her dreams were suddenly gone...

Despite of this, our friendship certainly will never end. Things will never be the same again but our strong bond still remains.

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