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Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Christian Bicolanos uniquely celebrate Easter sunday, which highlights Jesus Christ's ressurection, in early dawn. The ceremony begins with a procession and ends up with the "salubong"(in Tagalog) or "saklot"(in Bicol) where the sorrowful mama mary encounters her risen son, Jesus Christ.

At the start of the "saklot", cute angels surrounding the Sorrowful Mama Mary sing the "Regina Coeli," which means "Queen of Heaven."

Simultaneously, three little angels are successively brought down from an upper deck of a castle-like structure using poles to take out the veil of the Sorrowful Mother. Each of the three angel sings her own line in the Regina Coeli.

Finally, the Easter Sunday mass is held.. .

Saturday, April 3, 2010



March 25,2010 was my first time to walk through the steep trails of Mount Malinao. I and my two girl companions (Xieh and Khetz) were accompanied by Sugcad guy residents (some of them were Xieh's classmates) towards the Sugcad Plaza. Sugcad, by the way, is a baranggay in my hometown, Malinao.

Midway, we stopped by a spring. I paddled my feet in the freely flowing crystal clear water as we sat on a huge boulder.

Our guy friends seemed so much accustomed with mountainous living that I and my girl friends were amazed on how they prepared their lunch. Moreover, the hiking was never boring since some of the guys were just frantically humorous. Lol.

Resuming our way to the top was again quite hazardous.The narrow paths were too close to elevated cliffs. I got so scared that I can't seem to look down the slopy areas and my thighs started trembling. Despite this, I still managed to get to the Sugcad Plaza with the group. Whew, I was relieved as I felt the cool mountain breeze. The sight of the picturesque part of Albay (our province) was undeniably amusing. I wasn't able to take clear pictures of it though. Sigh..

Hiking is a real adventure; we risked life and limb just to get to the destination and be able to witness and appreciate nature's exotic beauty. Truly, it resembles our life's journey. Sometimes we try to play it safe. At times we try to fight and though we slip up, fall down the muddy ground or rocky path, we courageously struggle to carry on and fulfill our dreams.

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