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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This poem portrays unrequited love. I thought of using the term "paramour,"which is the origin of the band name "Paramore", but its meaning is illicit love. Dissimilarly, "lovelorn" signifies one whose love is never reciprocated. Ouch! :( bitter.. Hmmm..lol.


Did you notice my sidelong glances?
Thou amidst us are unbreakable fences?
This concealed emotions
Got myself incisions.

I tried dumping false thoughts
With feelings that i fought
A broken heart is a cliche
For those thrown with dry bouquets.

Daydreaming soothes me
In days of mystery
Cause only then I see
Your eyes are only for me.

I am a lovelorn
Desirous yet forlorn
Hoping you'll perceive what I feel
Behind my cloak of tears.

Can't you see my radiant eyes
In every moment we collide?
Do you see how surreal
The happiness I can't conceal?

It's inevitable to blame
Unanswered love of a bumbling dame
Trapped in a field of fancies,
A world of broken fantasies.

I am a lovelorn
Admired you for quite long
When shall they sound clear?
The pleasing words I long to hear.

Though you fail to notice
Thoughts of you shall be cherished
Image of you shall last
While I watch you beyond tinted glass.

Well That's it..You can suggest some revisions ..Thanks :)

Photo credits:www.metal-archives.com


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